Daily Prompt: Curve

Your curves are so Devine Like candy your addictive. One look at you and the fantasy Begins,like candy your sweet. Like licorice, Swedish fish, peach rings etc. You’re a craving that can’t be solved with just One bite, because one bite is how it starts with you.   Written By: Deirdre Stokes daily post prompt:Curve  

Daily Prompt:Solitude

Sometimes I wonder what my heart is really trying to tell me when it feels something so strong, but my mind can’t seem. To understand what is happening, when it all happens so quick. If only I knew how my heart worked maybe than I  wouldn’t be alone today. Looking at the rain that keepsContinue reading “Daily Prompt:Solitude”

What am I fighting

For as I stand still here   and look at you on this cold morning and I wonder if only I had walked away. Would I be such a mess with so many thoughts flying through my mind at lighten speed. Nothing is clean and I can’t grasp one thought for my brain is starting toContinue reading “What am I fighting”