Seeing Double!

DSC01130 (2)
Seeing double dalmations
DSC01099 (2)
seeing double while taing a picture
seeing double gray cars!

Seeing double wherever I go like I can’t seem to get away

from the two’s.

You can see two of me if I had a twin

but I am not so two of me is not out there

walking around, joking around.

There is just one of me but if there were two of me

how could the world handle that.

Two voices that would be powerful, stubborn and full of life.

But for now only one voice will have to do, but I do enjoy seeing double

every now and then.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 


9 thoughts on “Seeing Double!

        1. Well we both were taking photo 101 and the assignment was to find double and play with the arrangement of the photo. Of course our take on the assignment was inspired separately. I’m not sure who posted first but I absolutely loved what she took and what she wrote!

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          1. Ah – gotcha – I did not realise that you were on the same course or that you know one another. Rather like that we were on the same Creative Writing course at Future Learn – yes? 🙂

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            1. Yes, I’ve been following Laura before the free class with blog university. Its actually the second class we took together. And yes just like the class we took together on Future learn.☺

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