Sometimes words hurt

The day you threw everything at me with your words, and it was like someone hitting me over and over with rotten tomatoes.

There wasn’t a good outcome to this situation.

As I tried to run they begun to hit me harder and I stumbled a couple of times trying to get my footing.

Then I feel nothing as I got too far away for your tomatoes to hit or hurt me and I am free.

I finally can smile and lift my arms to the air as I feel the pain slide away like the mess of the tomatoes from my clothes.

And I know this time I won’t let that happen again for I’m stronger now.

My words will block out yours, and if that fails I will just put on my headphones and walk away.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected  XFJ6-9RXC-YHWG-TNO4


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