The cure!

I thought I knew everything about what I would need to be happy, to not feel sad anymore.

But maybe I was wrong about what would be the cure for me.

As I wander through it all like stacks of paper that explain every moment of my life,

going through the moments I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle.

Until I get to the moment of today, and I realize that nothing seems to be the same because I’m not the same.

I know you want to try to get to the bottom of what makes me sad and I’ve tried to explain it to you as best as I can and maybe just maybe you will get it.

And maybe I will feel okay for at least I’m not alone on this journey of figuring out myself and maybe I’ll find my cure one day but for now I’m just happy to know.

I’m all I need to be happy for myself and I’m the strongest solider following my leader God and maybe one day I will have defeated all that makes me sad.

And that is all the hope I need to be okay today.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 




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