Who truly knew her!

What to let out because it’s suffocating me if I don’t get a release soon.

Things seem so different on this side of things.

so much sadness that is so well hidden comes flooding out today.

what is there to say as she looks out the window wishing things were different.

She hides it all so well that the positivity radiating off her would makes you think she genuinely happy.

But behind closed doors she cries to herself and no one will ever know unless she lets you in.

And she won’t because that leads to disappointment and false hope that things will get better for her.

No one realizes how much of her is left and over time she will be gone and there won’t be anyone holding on to the memories of her.

She will just be gone like yesterday, the joys, the laugher, the smile, the affection and the meaning of how much she gave will not ever be known.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected