Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is an celebration of everyday love and support.

Shared with written words from the heart.

Hugs that fill you up with the love those words cannot explain or describe.

Tears of joy for maybe you had thought that love no longer existed in your life.

Maybe your alone and so you feel there is no love at all.

But if you look deep inside that love is there and it’s been with you all your life.

So don’t let the things you don’t have in your life bring down what today is all about.

And that is love and love is always in your day even when you feel so down.

There is always someone who loves you when you can’t seem to love yourself.

So embrace that self-love or the one you love and hold on tight for ride of your life isn’t over today.

Because love lives on when all the sweets are gone.


Written By:Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected