As lights flash outside my house

The memories of our friendship flash through my mind.

I worry if your alright as we haven’t talked in awhile, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since I started the fight.

I throw those words at you like acid  and it burned a hole in your heart.

You probably can’t look at my messages or answer the phone without the pain of my words haunting you like a bad dream.

I’m suppose to be there for you not tear you down and leave you on the side of the curve like unwanted trash.

I was cruel because you said you didn’t need me around as much as before, that you had grown tired of me being so down lately.

I didn’t understand how you couldn’t be there for me?

I was always there for you, maybe this happened for a reason and now I’m not holding you back.

I still miss you but it’s less and less each day as I move on from a friendship that wasn’t meant to last.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected