I didn’t see it coming

The force of it sent me flying.

I couldn’t feel the pain because I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The ringing of my ears and beating of my heart didn’t help quite my thoughts.

Was this it, the moment that would break everything I’ve built.

I couldn’t stop being concerned about how you were even though I was the one in pain.

I struggled to get up, for this couldn’t be real.

My heart is not laying there on the ground, ripped out by the chain that connected it to yours.

For the last time our hearts beat as one as  my body slumps to the floor and our time together is cut short.

You look down and a tear falls as you turn your back on me.

It takes some time but my heart starts to repair and as it crawls back to me.

I take my first breath without you and I stumble as I get up again  and I cry for you.

And days go by and soon I’m strong enough to go on without you.

My heart beats a new song and as it pulses through me to reach out to the next person.

Who may break my heart or may hold onto it for a life time.


Written By:Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected