My Guardian Angel!

Today I walk on the unknown path

And there I met you and I asked you to stay.

Soon we were walking the unknown path together and you had my back and I had yours.

Together we got through the tough times.

But, then the tough times began  to drag me away and you tried with all your might to get me back.

Those unknown moments were strong and fast and with a blink of an eye I was gone.

Lost from you forever and as time went by you never lost hope.

You knew I’d be back and this time you wouldn’t let me go.

No matter what happens when you save me.

You know together we can conquer it all and so you fight my darkness and you save me.

Because of you I not only found myself but I saw you for who you truly were.

My guardian angel, my light and you have always been by my side.

I just was too blind to see, I was never alone and I needed to trust you.

So I could be saved again and this time not let go when I begin to feel the pull of my darkness.


Written By:Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected