The truth of me!

I’m the girl with the permanent sad frown on her face.

I walk and the sadness is just there on the outside and inside.

But the truth is I’m not always sad for I have a smile that is so bright you can’t help but smile back.

A sense of humor that makes you laugh and I laugh too and it’s amazing to live in that moment.

When I’m happy it hurts for that smile just won’t quit shining through out my day.

A happy high that lifts me up until I’m on top of the world, looking down.

When I’m happy the word over hyper doesn’t quite explain my over the moon happiness.

To be that happy girl and to live in that moment is not hard but sometimes.

It’s rare to get a glance of that happy girl with that sad frown is forever present.

Hiding the girl I once was and yet still am.

Oh sad girl with that sad frown won’t you smile for me today, tomorrow.

Oh who am I kidding, why don’t you just smile for me forever and ever.

Because I love your smile and when your happy so am I.

yours truly,

sad girl with a permanent frown on my face.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 


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