Poem inspired by :James Bay Concert


James Bay dancing with his guitar, lost in the moment.

The beat is thumping through my chest as your words flow all around me.

This moment is amazing as the music blast’s through my body making my heart feel like it’s about to come out and join the beautiful sounds all around.

You open up my eyes to something new and I’m hyped for some more as I become addicted to your sound.

That I crave it until I can hear it all and my ears are content from your beautiful voice ad the songs you sing.

You were there and now your gone  and here he comes hat and all.

The red of your shoes catch my eye as my love for red becomes my only concern in that moment.

Until you open up your mouth and sing into the mic and you let loose of everything inside of  you and it is powerful and soulful that connects with my soul.

I’m memorized by your voice as the night ends with me on a happy high of music melodies as the songs, still play on as I walk away from a night that won’t be forgotten.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 


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