Dragged back to the Past!

I wish the past memories didn’t affect me as much as it does.

To look back on how a friendship used to be and how I wish it could be like that.

But we’re all grown up now and our daily life isn’t as easy as it used to be.

How I wish I hadn’t wished to be older for I thought is was cool.

Well the reality of it is that growing up isn’t all that different than when you were young.

I still daydream about things I don’t have.

I still dream about becoming more than what I am now.

I still try to help others just as much as before.

Maybe along the way I realized somethings didn’t work for me so I left.

And the truth is I don’t feel bad about walking away from certain things and people.

Life for me is different everyday for it could be a good day or a really down day.

But I still get up and do my best to keep trying at the things that matter to me.

I’ll put on some music and grab a book and get lost and soon the world is not too much to handle.

And those hopes and dreams are worth fighting for and I realize that the past memories are not so bad to think of and that growing up year after year is a good thing.

For every year I get to change and learn something new about myself and friendships become stronger because of the times spend together.

And being there for each other as the trials of life wrap around us either as a blanket of comfort or tear through us like a tornado ripping everything we built apart.

When you let others in the past is just the past and the present becomes what’s important and that the future holds something for us, if we make it there.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected