Story of a boy!(part 2 the present)

Present Boy

You’re not the boy you used to be.

But you feel you’re not the man you are supposed to be.

You’re not done growing to be the man I know you can be.

I know your still sweet & kind and a little rougher on the edges now, and you can’t see what I see.

A boy working hard to be a good man.

A boy who has lost faith in yourself.

A boy who is down but can’t always get picked back up.

You may not see the world the way you used too, but it’s still beautiful and understanding.

Just give me your hand and we can face the world together.

And maybe soon you will find another path, the right one and go off and be successful.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected  XFJ6-9RXC-YHWG-TNO4


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