The Phoenix in me

The fire went out in me and I became so cold and lost,  I didn’t know my way out of this hole I had fallen into.

I knew if I didn’t get out soon I would push everything I wanted away and I’d regret it.

I couldn’t see the truth because I was so angry and ashamed.

I couldn’t see the light of my love inside of me anymore for it was gone, because I didn’t understand why talking was so hard for you.

But then you disappeared and in your place was the stranger I never truly knew.

I had been hiding from myself because I wanted the fun.

Now that my fire is back I can’t go on staring at the ashes you have become as my fire burns so  strong for me and no one else.

I know you feel the warmth but soon I’ll out burn you and you’ll be like newspaper once you read it, serves no  purpose to you anymore.

As I burn you into useless little burned up ashes your purpose in my life become no more.

Like the smoke from my fire you will fade away as I become my fires only focus.


Written by: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected