The darkness swallows me whole!

There is no escape to this dead

that overcomes my body and mind

It leaves me not wanting much.

Everything I enjoy isn’t important anymore and as I try to shake it off it just multiples.

I can’t seem to think of a solution long enough to care if this feeling goes away.

It sucks me down before I can see the light on the other side.

I try to clear my mind but of what my mind is empty, just like my insides.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 


I’m Stuck!

I’m stuck and I cannot move.

It’s hard for me to even write it’s like all the words that flowed through me yesterday are all gone.

I’m dried up like a well out in the middle of nowhere.

There is nothing left of me as the wind blows away the dust I have become.

You may see me blow by when the wind blows your way.

Reach out grab an handful please for I need some help to get back to where I was yesterday.


Written By:Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 


Dragged back to the Past!

I wish the past memories didn’t affect me as much as it does.

To look back on how a friendship used to be and how I wish it could be like that.

But we’re all grown up now and our daily life isn’t as easy as it used to be.

How I wish I hadn’t wished to be older for I thought is was cool.

Well the reality of it is that growing up isn’t all that different than when you were young.

I still daydream about things I don’t have.

I still dream about becoming more than what I am now.

I still try to help others just as much as before.

Maybe along the way I realized somethings didn’t work for me so I left.

And the truth is I don’t feel bad about walking away from certain things and people.

Life for me is different everyday for it could be a good day or a really down day.

But I still get up and do my best to keep trying at the things that matter to me.

I’ll put on some music and grab a book and get lost and soon the world is not too much to handle.

And those hopes and dreams are worth fighting for and I realize that the past memories are not so bad to think of and that growing up year after year is a good thing.

For every year I get to change and learn something new about myself and friendships become stronger because of the times spend together.

And being there for each other as the trials of life wrap around us either as a blanket of comfort or tear through us like a tornado ripping everything we built apart.

When you let others in the past is just the past and the present becomes what’s important and that the future holds something for us, if we make it there.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 



I can’t bare to see you down when all

I want is to make you happy and for you to believe in yourself.

I’m trying to find something to say that will cheer up your day.

But I’m lost for words and I wish all it took was a hug to brighten up your day.

For I would hug you until your better and not feeling like your useless, helpless, domed to live alone.

To wander the halls and rooms of this place on your own.

Your not alone so please take my hand.

And lets brighten up today so you have an tomorrow to look forward too.

I want to know that my worries is for something and that you will fight for
yourself and stop being down about things you can’t control.

And know we all have your back and now enjoy the silent of your days fill those moments with a little of joy.


Written By:Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 


Someone I want to know!


You stand so strong and your eyes shine so bright.

I want to know you as your voice begins to shake as you speak
about your past.

I want to be there for you when the pain of your past brings
tears to your eyes.

I want to make you feel safe again as it all pours out of you.

As you speak more about how it got worse before it got better.

So many scars but such a beautiful smile you shine at us.

Soon you sit down and it’s my turn and as I walk passed you
I hear good luck, you got this.

I smile and I stand up straight and as my voice comes out my
mouth, it’s strong and confident and I look at you.

And I know you want to know me too.


Written By:Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 


Story of a boy!(part 2 the present)

Present Boy

You’re not the boy you used to be.

But you feel you’re not the man you are supposed to be.

You’re not done growing to be the man I know you can be.

I know your still sweet & kind and a little rougher on the edges now, and you can’t see what I see.

A boy working hard to be a good man.

A boy who has lost faith in yourself.

A boy who is down but can’t always get picked back up.

You may not see the world the way you used too, but it’s still beautiful and understanding.

Just give me your hand and we can face the world together.

And maybe soon you will find another path, the right one and go off and be successful.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected  XFJ6-9RXC-YHWG-TNO4


Story of a boy!(part 1 the past)

Past Boy

The day seemed so different and yet the same.

The sky is blue as always yet there’s something different going to happen as the air blows there.

You stand tall and wise ready to fight for the people you care about yet the way you fight.

Isn’t with the hands of sixteen-year-old boy.

But with the mind of a boy who knows that today and tomorrow and hopefully the rest of your life.

You will help others and in a small way, they will help you become the man you were born to be.

The man that knows everything and feels the world around him with the touch of his strong hands.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected  XFJ6-9RXC-YHWG-TNO4




The headache that will not go away is like the stalker that will not leave you alone.

The man that watches little kids play with his creepy eyes.

The little girl who got bullied all her life until high school.

The girl and boy that pour their heart and soul out into a book no one will read.

The moment you think of something that means a lot to you will also find yourself.

The pain of the headache stops at the beat of her finger as they click away on the keyboard and end the journey of the day.


Written by: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 






Hope is like believing tomorrow will be different.

In addition, have your life change for the better.

Hope, what is hope

Is it someone praying for luck.

Hope what are you that makes

me wish for a better day a

better life to live away.

Is Hope another thing

That humans use to make

Their life seems alive.

When everything has gone so wrong, I laugh at the word hope.

Because it’s just a symbol

That silly people use to make

Their fears fade away like the clouds in the sky.


Written by: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected  XFJ6-9RXC-YHWG-TNO4