Character Sketch

  • Name Bonnie Ann Spade
    • Physical/biological:
    • age,15
    • height, 5 ft 4
    • size, short 156 pounds
    • state of health, healthy
    • assets,
    • flaws, she tends to over think things, she does not believe in herself, stubborn
    • sexuality-
    • gait,
    • voice. A gentle voice
    • Psychological:
    • intelligence, somewhat smart
    • temperament, kind and caring
    • happiness/unhappiness, very happy but becomes depressed
    • attitudes, funny and sarcastic
    • self-knowledge, loves to read about history and supernatural stuff
    • unconscious aspects.
    • Interpersonal/cultural: African American mixed with  Native American and white and is an introvert
    • family, A mother, Father and two older sisters
    • friends, A best friend and a couple of close friends
    • colleagues, she has a couple because she works at an pizza place
    • birthplace, Austin Texas
    • education, currently in high school
    • hobbies, playing basketball, writing stories and poetry
    • beliefs, Christian
    • values, to obey God and to stay pure until marriage and that an education is important
    • lifestyle.
    • Personal history:
    • major events in the life, she gets her poetry published in the national poetry Association magazine and gets a internship at a poetry magazine for the summer of her Junior year
    • including the best
    • and the most traumatic. The best traumatic things in her life are her writing and the journey she goes through to write such wonderful and dark poetry, the most traumatic moments are when she loses a dear friend and loses herself in her writing that she shuts everyone out.


Written by: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 


2 thoughts on “Character Sketch

  1. I would say a little bit of both of course I’m older than my character now. I would say I took a little from my past to create her but she is different from me in parts of who she is and will become as her story develops.


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