Maggie tries to handle the Snow Storm!

She has long Blonde hair with light brown highlights and blue eyes that are as clear as the ocean. She sits by the window all bundled up as the white snowfalls fast outside, making her stuck inside with no luck with going to her holiday party at work. Everything has been cancelled and she is now stuck with a double chocolate cake and her ½-gallon homemade eggnog. She had picked out the perfect red dress that had long shelves on it with a slight low cut in the front, with white snowflake necklace and earrings and the nicest white shiny clear shoes. She felt like if the party could not happen then at least she could dress up and have fun while sitting by the fire watching a movie.

So Maggie got all dressed up and cut a piece of cake and poured a glass of eggnog and put on a movie  and put on the logs in her fireplace and light the fire until it burned and burned. The crackling of the fire relaxed her as the heat warmed over her body as the movie made her laugh and smile at the joy of Christmas, soon the time passed by as Maggie watched movie after movie. She did not notice that the snow had picked up and snowflakes had grown in size and the snow was about a feet up her back door.

Soon it grew dark outside and Maggie decided to go to bed for the night , as she slept the snow storm picked up  and the snow fell and fell and fell until it would be impossible for her to go anywhere for the next couple of days. She woke up early hoping she would be able to go outside and be a big kid again and play in the snow, and make snow angels and a snowman that she will dress up to go with her decorations.

As she came down the stairs and looked out her back door she realize was surprised and shocked at how much snow was outside her house. Her joy of going out and spending time out in the snow was quickly faded away as she realized she was stuck. She starts to panic for she had no clue how long it would take for the snow to melt and could anyone else get out and how long would it take if she did need help.

It took all the strength and patience to calm herself down thirty minutes later, she decided she should call out and she how everyone was for she knew a couple of her family and friends maybe panicking too.  So the next hours she spent calling and talking to everyone she knew and so far they were all fine and going to see how the others were and safety staying inside by the fire hoping the sun would come out soon and melt the giant hill of snow away so they could go out and enjoy it. Maggie soon found herself after all her phone-calls making some hot-chocolate with tons of marshmallows and looking out her back window at all the things covered in snow.

All her back yard decorations vanished before the surface of snow, she didn’t want to look out the front but curious about how much worse it may look. She quickly walked to the front of the house through her long hallway leading to her massive size living room for she had forget her socks and her oak wooden floors were cold to the touch. She didn’t know how much longer her poor little toes could take as they felt like she was walking on a block of ice.


Written by: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected