A loner doing the unexpected!

He had always been the person that was alone, he went to the movies alone, he ate out alone, and he loved long walks alone. So when he gets the chance to go on a winter trip free to a cabin at a popular ski and snow lodge. He could not say no to his boss that wanted him to enjoy himself for once and it was a paid for vacation with an all paid allowance for food and free  two week pass for snowboarding and skiing on the slopes and he got free lessons if he didn’t know how to snowboard or ski.

Ed felt lucky for the first time in his life and he was looking forward to sometime on his own in a new place. Two long hours driving down a long-winded road of nothing but curves after curves surrounded by green grass and clumps of trees and one or two houses to big luxury cabins, Ed arrives at his destination. A modern medium size wooden cabin with a driveway with couple trees surrounding it. He could see the ski and snowboarding lodge in the distances behind the cabin. As Ed unlocks the door to his home for two weeks he gasp as he opens the door and see such a beautiful crystal chandelier leading the way to a nice great size living room.

With a nice red and gray stone fireplace that is electrical and not a traditional fireplace, which is great for Ed, does not want to have to cut wood or find wood to make a fire when it gets cold. The next day the sun is shining so bright as its warm heat gently brushes up against Ed’s face, he slowly wakes up, and after a quick breakfast, he heads down to the Lodge to check out what he could get into for the day. He feels restless as lots of people and families quickly surround him as they move along to the many events and activities going on today.

Ed quickly gets pulled with a family of five who  don’t notice his not one of them until he is at the rental center and they start saying their sizes and the father turns to him and say what do you need Timmy but realize his talking to a grown man and not his 14 year old son. Ed looks at the man and introduces himself and the man does the same his name is Sam and his with his wife Emily and his two kids.

His daughter Amy whose nine years old and his son Timmy who is 14 years old, they are taking snowboarding lessons and was just picking out their boards. Ed could not believe his eyes that he was in  a deep conversion with them, and was being friendly and nice to complete strangers when he usually the person to roll his eyes at kids and their parents who can’t control them or how happy they are together.


Written by: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 


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