A woman on the bus with her Pekineses dog inside her handbag both dressed in red.

It was the anniversary of Susan getting her dog coca five years ago. She felt that they needed to celebrate and the best way would be to go to Coca favorite Doggy Park. As Susan dresses up in her red sweater and puts a matching red bow on Coca, they walked out the house with Coca in her purse she walks to her gray 2007 Nissan car, puts her purse in the car, and takes Coca out to sit in her favorite dog seat.

As she puts the key in the ignition and turns it the car makes noise like it’s about to start then it shuts off, she tries again but it won’t start. She becomes frustrated as she just got her car fixed and picked it upon Tuesday and it is now Saturday.

She looks at her watch and realizes that if she does not leave now she will not make it to the park at 1:00 pm when the party starts. Just then she sees the bus coming, she quickly gets her purse, and puts Coca back in and runs to the bus stop. The big white and green city-bus pulls up and the doors open and she climbs on, pays, and quickly takes a seat in the front of the bus. Giving Coca a view of the window as she looks up and sees she has six steps until she gets to Skylark Park where everyone is waiting for them.

Written By:Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected