Our Love Story (verse one)

First verse: The first thing I heard on the radio was Grace Mitchell Live “Jitter”

I wanted to have some fun for the first time of my adult life so of course I let my girls drag me out to the new club in town. Soon arriving at an old red brick building that had a sign that read, “Turn off the Lights”, a long line of people waited outside hyped to get inside and party the tension way from their long day at work. As we got closer to the door I felt like I had nothing to loss, as we headed to the dance floor it felt like everyone was dancing off the jitters from being so close to everyone and started to truly move to the music. Dancing with my friend Liza and Tammy as Sammy and Danielle went to get us drinks and a table. I noticed you in your orange t-shirt shining like the sun; it was hard to look away as your moves heated me up making me want to not know how to get home if it meant I got to kiss you. I did not know how to behave around you but I hope you would show me how too and I wonder did you want to mess with me get into my bag of tricks and keep dancing our jitters away as we become one on the dance floor.

Written By:Deirdre Stokes

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