BAD AND GOOD Day for Writing!

BAD AND GOOD Day for Writing!

Good day

She sits at the dinner table writing a poem for school. The warm heat from the fire calms her as she tries to come up with something good to share in front of her class. However, the truth is it’s not the poem that is her problem but standing up in front of everyone. She gets up to make some tea to help with her nervous, as she sips her peppermint tea the words begin to flow onto her paper.

Bad day

She sits down on her couch with her favorite white and blue polka-dotted fleece blanket, just as she settled in with the final draft of her book. She hears “give it back to me” being screamed from the top of her son Ben’s lungs. Quickly taking the stairs, down the hall she goes to find to her shock. Her oldest son Sam’s room destroyed as if a small tornado had came crashing through the door. There were white t-shirts and blue denim jeans everywhere, in the middle of it all her two sons struggling with each other as Ben tries to get back his jersey. She yells hey knock it off and clean up this mess; you are too old to be making this mess. An hour goes by as she talks them about taking each other things and how she hopes next time, they act more mature about the matter. They apologies to her and each other as they clean up the room. As she walks down the hall and down the stairs, she looks upon her twisted up blanket and her final draft on the floor and feels tired. She grabs her blanket and soon falls asleep leaving her final draft on the floor for another day.


Written By:Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected  XFJ6-9RXC-YHWG-TNO4