Feeling all

 Over the place as the weekend comes to end. And the busyness of the week begins I know the mess will be too much but I will try to get through it anyways. I feel my emotions hitting the bottom all over again as the day becomes so busier. And I don’t want to hear…Read more »

You always

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash loved being the center of the attention until one day you just wanted to stand out and walk through the crowd. You didn’t want to be notice as much and just wanted to hide out with me. Where no one really came looking but when they found us it…Read more »

It was

the night before work. When the mind was so relaxed With no worry insight. The time to do what you wanted was so long and bright. Everything you wanted to get done you surely did with no regret insight. You winded down your night knowing tomorrow will be a pain but all you can hope…Read more »