Standing tall

but feeling like I’m falling short in everything around me. There are moments when it feels I’ve missed out and that I’ve lost sight of everything. As my once sharp mind has fallen to the side and everything is so much more difficult to navigate to a point of just blindly guiding myself to a…Read more »


Photo by Penguinuhh on Unsplash joy how easy it was to be so joyful about life no one to rainingĀ  on your parade justĀ  because life isn’t going the way they like. The joy to just take a adventure and not have to worry about when or where you need to be. The joy of…Read more »


God how I saw you shining through someone today. Their joy was so clear and so pure and full of life. It just made me smile too and not question why he was that happy for I just knew it was because of you. He jumped for joy when I mentioned it was always so…Read more »


good to see you with a hug here and a handshake there. But spoken words are said and then it’s like everything just fades into the background. It’s like did you mean what you said or was it just something to say. All this is running through my mind and I don’t want to overthink…Read more »