With no where to go trying to win a battle. But it’s feels like I’m standing around surrounded by many people. But no one is stepping up to the plate, for they get rewards without doing the work. Standing tall and proud as if they have done so much but so little has came from…Read more »

Looking for

some guidance as I wander through this stressful life. Feeling like no matter where you turn someone is always has it worst but somehow they are pushing forward and making way for the world that will not stop for their sorrow. Some days are easier than the rest and when things get bad that is…Read more »

Like a

Photo by Radek Kilijanek on Unsplash blur everything in life is going by so fast that even when you do enjoy the finer moments in life. It’s over in a blink of an eye, three hours of fun and laughter ends with you going back to the way things were and always will be. You…Read more »